Showtime Preview: To Know Your Apps

Welcome to a new episode of your apps, we’re at SBS, to make sure you have all the information about Samsung’s latest and best Samsung apps for smart TV. I’m your host Karin and today I’m showing you a new, simple way to explore Dexter Home Nurse Jackie and all your favorite Showtime shows with Samsung’s Showtime preview app.

Through Showtime preview, you can watch interviews with actors from online shows, and even play a series of plays you can’t miss for free as needed. I’ll show you how to set it up. First, Samsung has many ways to connect to Samsung’s applications, whether it’s via a smart Blu-ray player, a smart TV in a smart center, or some TV model on the Internet.

Here we experience the Samsung app with our new 2013 Smart Hub on our awesome Samsung Smart TV. So press Smart Hub on the TV remote or, if available, on your model, you can use voice control and access Smart Hub via Hi TV and Smart Hub. Please note that your TV must be connected to the Internet to enable the Samsung application to function properly.

You can find several action videos on this topic on our website, Using the 2013 Smart Hub interface, you need to navigate to the application panel. Once you open Smart Hub for download, the free Showtime preview application will scroll to Samsung Apps and press the center of the touchpad.

You’ll see all the applications in Samsung’s app world, categorized as search-friendly, and you’ll find Showtime previews in the video section. After you find and select the Showtime preview icon, please read the summary of the application. When you are ready to download, you will download and highlight it as blue and check it.

When the application is successfully installed, the running option will become visible, and click Run to start the application. And you can fully preview the entire incredible original content of Showtime for free, without wired subscriptions, and you can easily find your favorite programs by scrolling down the remote to browse the program title list.

All your favorites are here, like Ray Donovan’s favorite new series, Dexter homeland and Nurse Jackie, just select your program and scroll to the right to browse it. Showtime preview provides content with clips to interview the episode, select only one video, and it will start playing automatically.

You can control the playback, just like using the remote control using blue light or DVR, press return to return to the main screen. Now, the playback time preview also lets you watch some of the selected Showtime series of free full-length plays, scrolling up to the full set on the left side of the screen.

Now you can scroll to the right and browse only the full-length episodes available in the Showtime preview. These episodes are from fans collection to season premiere, with just one option and enjoyment. For our Showtime preview, display time always updates this content, so check your Showtime fix.

You can enjoy all the wonderful original content of Showtime. When you decide that Showtime is part of your cable TV package, please contact your cable TV provider for more information, including on-demand services, and make sure you join another episode of my application, which I guarantee will bring you the latest and best applications from Samsung on the PSN.