How to Watch Showtime Anytime on Mac OS Computer

This is Anson from Anson Alex Anson, and I’m really happy to have a quick video today about how to watch Showtime on a Mac OS X computer. My girlfriend and I had a lot of problems with this, and I searched through a bunch of different forums, and everyone came to the conclusion that it was impossible.

And I accepted a little, but I did more troubleshooting technicians to help my girlfriend, and we figured it out. So when you go to Showtime, you must have a Showtime account, you must subscribe.

I’m not showing you anything illegal, if you’re looking for it, how to watch Showtime without subscription. You won’t find it on my channel. It’s the legal way to watch Showtime. It doesn’t work on the Mac. So we tried Chrome, Firefox, Safari, which are not suitable for watching Showtime.

What will happen, we will be in Showtime, we login, continue to click play. It looks as if it is playing with it. Do you know that it starts playing and then the screen becomes blank? It’s actually on the other computer we’re doing, and we don’t get any messages, and you’ll see it on my screen right now.

I got a message that I needed to install a video plug-in called Wide vine, which was made by Google, which is actually its own company, and then Google Bottom. But that’s a long story. If you install this plug-in and go to the tool slash DL page, you can find the optimizer, you can install it, and you will be able to watch Showtime.

Now it’s a big problem on my computer. I got this pop-up window and told me I needed it. It’s easy to run OS X 10.7 on my girlfriend’s MacBook Pro. She didn’t get this pop-up because she had installed Wide Vines, but it didn’t update regularly. She’d get a message saying You need to update the vine.

If you encounter this problem, you can continue. If you haven’t received any messages, you definitely want to update Wide vine. I’ll go ahead and install it quickly, and I’ll show you how to update it. If you encounter this problem, if you receive a pop-up message updating Wide vine, it’s an easy way to update it.

However, if you do not receive the message, you can uninstall it or reinstall it. The second is to ask me to turn off Google Chrome, so I’m going to do that, and we’re going to finish installing Wide vine. At least, I think it will let me close the Google browser and let’s see where we are.

I double-click this and open it, you can see what I am using on my work computer. Here you can see ants and Alex’s work accounts ant and Alex dot-com.

So I have to quit Google Chrome. After complete exit, the installation is completed. So, if I go back to Google and I want to show the time anytime, I’ll forget the actual URL and probably show the time quietly. But I’m Google, so it’s cool.

I should login. Let’s see if I have already logged in. If not, I will have to log in quickly, and I have not yet logged in. So when I log in, I will cut in. So I just finished logging in here.

Now, if I Click to watch any show, I’ll provide Showtime for Dexter, but if we look at Ray Donovan, you’ll notice that I didn’t pop up the window and my program started playing. I obviously can’t play anything for you on YouTube, which would be illegal. But I hope to help display time by showing users how to view their contents on the computer.

Now, if you have installed Wi-Fi, you need to update it. I suggest that if you don’t pop up the update, I’ll continue to delete it. You can continue to use the spotlight to search for Wisteria, delete it from your computer, reinstall it, and you’ll turn off your Mac OS X computer to watch Showtime.

People who say you can’t do it are wrong. We are right. We figured it out. Enjoy Showtime, that’s all I have. Today is Anson calm from Anson Alex. If it helps, please give me a thumbs up. If you want to see more technical tips and tutorials, please continue to subscribe to my channel.